In living your Fourth days, you are encouraged to continue to grow in relationship with Christ and live as a faithful disciple in all of life. An important and necessary foundation for faithful Christian living is a vital connection to the Christian community for support, guidance, and challenge.

As part of your discipleship:
fill the church at the next GATHERING!

Second Tuesday, 7PM
Light House Community Church
Sonora, TX
Potluck Supper: 6 pm
Childcare Provided

Concho Country
First Tuesday, 6:30PM, Sierra Vista UMC
4522 College Hills
San Angelo, TX
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Concho Country Emmaus Community 
P.O. Box 1522
San Angelo, TX 76902

Randy Minton
Community Lay Director

Contact Us

Starting in 2017 the prayer vigils for walks will be completed online.
Gina Brown (prayer vigil coordinator) will send an email link for the prayer vigil. The time slots will be listed and volunteers will click on their time selections. The site will even send reminders!
All opened Prayer Vigils will be community specific, and there will be a link to Emmaus Communities around the world so one can sign up for any community prayer vigil.
To receive email notifications/links from Gina, you must email her at grbrown2425@gmail.com, entering "prayer vigil" in the subject line and she will add you to list. Links to Prayer Vigils will also be posted on the Walk/Flight page of the website.